RENOUINGE is a video clip made with Lightwave and amiga computer in 1998 by GRENAT of Mankind / AmigaBack. Music by Bob Marley : Could you be loved. I love you Bob! Hotamp : hardware help and add animation 2d. Mpeg conversion by Ironf, thanks.

amiga 1200 ::: Friend ship rules :)
These pictures are a Pixel Art (gfx) from underground Demoscene.
a lovely community!
Hardware : A500 and A1200. Software :
::: Delux Paint 4 and Brillance :::
Greating to : Yanis, Paps, Kanda,bO,LEE, Xib, Hotamp, kelson, krabob, Tex, Top, bLa, Pulp,and lot of sceners -oOo - Synaps, Gods, Mankind, Amigaback, Melon,Tbl,Ramses, Kiki Prod, Axis
Original pictures by Gwenael Dano,
Graphics Designer,Infographe :
art, web, animation clip, communication and publicity.

opyxel gwen bloOog